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Fire Magic grills have been trusted by grilling enthusiasts for more than 80 years - coveted for their superior design, performance and durability. Meet some of our brand ambassadors and hear why they believe Fire Magic grills are a cut above the rest.
Anna Rossi

Anna Rossi, Chef, Television Host & Lifestyle Expert

A finalist on MasterChef USA Season 3 and host on NBC Boston’s ``The Hub Today``, Anna serves as executive chef and lifestyle expert for Fire Magic Grills. Anna is also a personal chef, culinary teacher and popular food writer whose delicious recipes have been featured in everything from The MasterChef Ultimate Cookbook to

Why Anna Loves Fire Magic

“I discovered Fire Magic as a consumer, searching for a high-performance grill for our outdoor kitchen. As an avid home cook, tireless hostess and grilling enthusiast, I look for appliances that give back tenfold. The more I learned about Fire Magic, the more I knew the materials, design, and craftsmanship would be capable of not only rising to the occasion but elevating my ability as a chef and hostess. Most importantly, the heritage in the industry and passion for the product are what made me want to work with the company to share my enthusiasm, passion for the functionality and the delicious recipes we have developed using the equipment. Having cooked competitively as a MasterChef Finalist for Gordon Ramsay and now as a food correspondent, host and writer, my time in the outdoor kitchen is valuable and what I prepare matters. I trust Fire Magic products to give me control and capability. Whether I am hosting a celebrity chef at my home for a photoshoot, roasting off the most outstanding porchetta on the rotisserie for 100 friends at a garden party, or baking off my kids’ favorite skillet brownies, Fire Magic always overdelivers and keeps us coming back for seconds.”

Ryan Hughes, Ryan Hughes Design + Build

Ryan Hughes Design delivers outdoor living that captures your personal style and the surrounding natural elements to create the ultimate in outdoor getaway and gathering places. Outdoor Living is “Redefined” as the Ryan Hughes Design team’s expert knowledge of the finest outdoor elements and years of design build experience come together to create one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.

Why Ryan Loves Fire Magic

“I have been designing and building high end outdoor living spaces for almost 20 years. During that time, I have worked with most of the top manufacturers of grills and outdoor kitchen equipment. After trying all the others, myself and my firm now only suggest Fire Magic products to our clients. Fire Magic now represents 95% of the equipment installed in our outdoor kitchens. We have based this decision on several factors. First the quality of the product is unsurpassed. We want the very best quality for our clients. Fire Magic by far has the best quality and longevity we seen. We have very little issues with Fire Magic as opposed to the other manufacturers we have tried. The second factor of why we choose Fire Magic is their warranty. If there ever is a warranty issue that comes up, they quickly address and correct it. This is something very important to us as we want our clients to have a good long-term experience with the products we sell them. The third factor of why we choose Fire Magic is the look and feel of the product. This is where Fire Magic is way ahead of the other products on the market. From the lines of their grill to the quality and shine on their stainless steel. Fire Magic products have the most aesthetically pleasing design of any outdoor kitchen product. Lastly, we love the functionality of Fire Magic – the way they cook, operate and clean is fantastic. I highly recommend Fire Magic to anyone who wants the very best Grill and outdoor kitchen.”

Ryan Hughes headshot
Emily Farnham headshot

Emily Farnham, Emily Farnham Architecture

Emily Farnham is a Los Angeles based architect and designer with a practice driven by a careful balance of innovation, aesthetics and function. Her recent work on the home of actress Mandy Moore was featured in Architectural Digest.

Why Emily Loves Fire Magic

“As a designer practicing in California I’m always tackling outdoor environments, and I especially love designing outdoor kitchens.  Fire Magic is my go-to for outdoor appliances, for myself and clients.  Initially I was drawn to their products for their streamlined aesthetics.  But digging a little deeper I quickly realized that Fire Magic Products are unparalleled when it comes to performance, available features and endurance.“

Emily's Outdoor Kitchen Tips

“Residential designers have the unique opportunity to use every inch of a property, the home is not limited to the envelope of a building.  Homeowners can use their outdoor environment almost all year round.  An outdoor kitchen is the peak example of outdoor living, and one of my favorite design tasks.

When I’m designing an outdoor kitchen, I start with the big picture site plan. Keeping the outdoor kitchen centrally located maximizes the time family and friends can spend together.  Gone are the days when somebody has to disappear around the corner to flip the burgers.  The kitchen should be the hub of the backyard, it’s where people like to congregate.  Depending on the specific site, I’ll try to shape the outdoor kitchen using some soft edges, through landscaping.  It’s always important to have a little shade, whether from trees or a pergola of some sort.

I also like to keep the materials palette simple and harmonious with the rest of the exterior design, choosing maybe just 2 or 3.  Concrete, stucco, and stone are all highly durable materials to begin with for the counters.  It’s even possible to introduce a little wood if the design calls for it.  One of my favorite designs of an outdoor kitchen involved cedar cabinetry doors which was no problem once we incorporated one of fire magic’s custom grill liners.

The layout of an outdoor kitchen benefits from the same thoughtful space planning you might use in an indoor kitchen.  I usually start with choosing and placing the grill, as it’s the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen.  The geometry of fire magic grills is gorgeous.  The pieces are as beautiful as they are durable, crafted out of stainless steel. Depending on the size of the household and their entertainment goals I’ll size the grill accordingly.  Fire Magic has every grill size imaginable with grilling surfaces ranging from about 48” wide down to 16”.  There should be adequate space on either side of the grill for staging and prep.  I like to leave about 18” minimum.  Today’s outdoor kitchens need not stop there, to be truly functional add running water and refrigeration, even ice for those frosty beverages.  I like to pop in a little storage space too for the essentials.  Fire Magic has a line of stainless-steel doors and drawers that were designed to integrate with their grills.”

Mandy Moores outdoor kitchen

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