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3024 Connector Package

Grill Built-In Connector package for propane gas.

48″ stainless steel flex connector, regulator & hose, with Acme thread coupler fitting.

Insulating Liner

The Insulating Liner facilitates installation of built-in Fire Magic® grills into wood, composite or other combustible enclosures when used with non-combustible counter tops. Sizes are available for all Echelon, Aurora, and Legacy Deluxe grills as well as Power Burners & Searing Stations.

Feature Highlights

  • Hanger for easy installation
  • Reduced clearance
  • No additional support beneath the liner required
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Pre-assembled in box

Blender w/Stainless Steel Hood

Model #: 3284A

Fire Magic’s® Blender is the perfect companion for any outdoor kitchen, bar caddy, or beverage center. The attractive and sturdy stainless steel cover protects the 675-watt motor from the elements.

  • Cut-out: 8¾”w x 14¼”d

Cast Iron Griddle

Model # 3512A (Fits Single side burners)
Model # 3512A (Fits 18″deep Fire Magic grills)
Model # 3513A (Fits 22″deep Fire Magic grills and Dbl. Side Burners)

Griddle available for the Fire Magic double side burner as well as the Echelon and Aurora grills. Perfect for breakfast, grilled or vegetables or fajitas.

Stainless Steel Griddle

Model # 3515A (Fits A540 and A430 Fire Magic Grills)
Model # 3516A (Fits E660, E790, A790 and E1060 Fire Magic grills)
Model # 3518    (Fits E660, E790, A790 and E1060 Fire Magic grills)

Designed to fit your Fire Magic gas grill, these stainless steel griddle accessories are perfect for outdoor cooking of everything from fried rice and fajitas to bacon and eggs.

Featuring heavy duty ¼” thick 304 stainless steel construction, the griddles come in three sizes to fit most Fire Magic gas grills.  The 3515A size may also be used with a Fire Magic power burner or double searing station with use of 3683 adaptor.  Note the 12” wide (#3518) version takes the place of one cooking grid on Echelon E1060 and E790 and Aurora A790 grills.  All models include an easy-to-clean removable drip tray.


Charcoal/Smoker Basket

Model#3564-1 (18″ Deep Aurora Grills)
Model #3564-2 (Fits All Echelon grills and 22″ deep Aurora Grills)

Cooking with wood chips or charcoal is easier than ever.  The basket sits on top of the burner, gas ignites the chips or charcoal.   Includes smoker cover and the bottom tray catches the ashes for easy cleanup. Includes easy to use safety cover lifter.


Chicken Holder

Model #: 3617E

Enjoy a golden, succulent chicken the quick and easy way!


Cut & Clean Combo

Model #:53816

Allows you to slice and dice on a Fire Magic bamboo cutting board, then sweep debris right into the Fire Magic trash container #53825-T (not included) or basic trash can via a deep stainless steel trash chute. Chute measures 14¾” deep. Stainless steel lid included.

Automatic Grill Shut Off Timer

Model #: 3092B (1 hr. Timer)

Automatic Grill Shut off Timers offer additional convenience and conservation by shutting off gas flow at pre-set times. Easy to install. Great for apartment and condominium use.

Capacity of up to 100,000 BTU’s.

Gas Timer Box

Model #: 5520-11t (1 hr. Timer)

Clean and attractive 304 stainless steel connection box with automatic timer (1-hour ).  Automatic Grill Shut off Timers offer additional convenience and conservation by shutting off gas flow at pre-set times. Easy to install. Great for apartment and condominium use.

Matches Premium Flush (5-series) doors and drawers.

Capacity of up to 100,000 BTU’s.

Double Sink and Mixer Faucet

Model #: 3837 & 3836 (sold separately)

The new Stainless Steel Mixer Faucet and under-mount Double Sink may be used together to complement and enhance any outdoor kitchen conception…modern or traditional. The faucet has a stainless steel construction with hot and cold capabilities and the double sink comes with a drain plug on each side.
(Under Mount Installation Only)

Four-Piece Tool Set

Model #: 3575c

Packed in a handsome zippered nylon logo case, our 4-piece tool set includes stainless steel tongs, meat fork, silicone-tipped basting brush, and a slotted flat spatula with serrated edges.